Thought Leader Richard Bandler – Is there a link between NLP & Twitter?

Do people who know how to use NLP have an unfair advantage over other social media users on Twitter & Facebook, among others? I think they DO.  (I KNOW they do. Some of my best friends are master NLP and persuasion artists;-).
Richard BandlerNo sooner had I asked this question to myself, the opportunity to interview Richard Bandler, co-creator, and some call him "Grandfather of NLP", came into my email inbox. Coincidence? No way.  I jumped at it.

Now I'm reading his new book "Richard Bandler's Guide to Trance-Formation" and it's very, very good.  I've learned that you can always tell the originator of a technology because they explain it in a really simple way that makes you wonder why you couldn't get it all the other times.

Enjoy the conversation - it was quite entertaining!

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Richard Bandler is co-creator of NLP, and has been called the grandfather of NLP. His new book is "Richard Bandler's Guide to Trance-Formation". We will be exploring the idea of social networking as an application of NLP and trance states (you know, that hypnotic state you get into on Twitter ;-).

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