Meet The Founders

When Michelle Price escaped from Cubicle Nation after 23 years in corporate America, she went from wage slave to the lifestyle business she craved and put her first expert on the map, online. Within 9 months, their online strategy landed his book on 3 national best-seller lists, including the NY Times & Wall Street Journal.For 15+ years, she has been on the leading edge of using emerging technology and online social networks to discover the conversations and influencers to help accelerate her clients success.
Michelle is a self-professed “social media capitalist” who is recognized by peers for not being afraid to share her innovative ideas and thought leadership on turning social influence and connectivity into currency.
A highly sought after social business strategist for experts and authors who want to tap new online markets, she specializes in social web strategies that use their existing content to "own the online conversation" on their chosen area of expertise.
Her mantra is “Connectivity is the New Currency(tm)” and she is considered by her peers to be one of the most connected people on the planet.Prior to her career as a woman entrepreneur and consultant, Michelle was a Continuous Improvement analyst and trainer in healthcare administration at UC San Diego Healthcare, a Top 15 U.S. academic healthcare center, specializing in IT and clinic operations. In fact, one project she worked on saved $1M in staffing costs, increased productivity and improved customer service.Michelle currently writes the popular thought leader blog Social Media Capitalist at She is a vocal and passionate supporter of entrepreneurship as a path to personal growth and sustainable wealth and legacy for women. In 2005 she was nominated for the Top 25 Black Business Women in America award.Ever active in her community, in the early 2000s, she co-chaired a coalition that had been instrumental in getting a 9.5M donation to create 16 community technology centers to help close the digital divide and provide underserved and economically disadvantaged citizens with access to computers and the internet.Michelle’s big vision is to create and fund a family foundation and leave a legacy in her community – to create a digital media business incubator for the forgotten ones: young urban entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-24.

Compelled at a young age to effect change for the rest of her Gen Y generation, Shanea knew that she wanted to do something great. It wasn’t until the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators started to make their mark, that Shanea knew that it was time to tell the rest of the people in her generation to stop whining, looking for a handout, get off their rear ends and go effect change. This is how her Telesalon, Young Successful Entrepreneur was born. Its purpose is to provide REAL ACTION-able advice and unconventional wisdom for the unconventional entrepreneur.


Shanea’s mission is to be a catalyst, at any age, to create the lifestyle of your dreams through business acceleration and education. She also loves to dance and sing.Shanea King-Roberson is COO and Ultimate Geek Fatale of Blue Ocean Digital Media Group, a webucation and media  company dedicated to creating business transformation through conversation. BODMG helps women authors and experts differentiate themselves through creating a deeper, more fulfilling conversation that inspires, educates, and transforms. And, as a byproduct of that -  make more money and live the lifestyle of their dreams.Under Blue Ocean Digital Media Group, Shanea oversees daily operations of Geek Fatales and, both geared to accelerate women’s business growth in the online medium. is a virtual event management company for speakers, authors and experts specializing in the production, execution and management of the new book marketing model called the Telesalon., is the first women’s online business accelerator geared towards sustainable business growth for seasoned women solopreneurs.