Evolving Women Entrepreneurs

Have you been stuck in rut in your business? Have you already spent too much time, money and energy pursusing the wrong things? Have you written a book about one topic but your strengths are in another?

Or have you just become beaten and broken down by life?

Hear this completely organic conversation with leading business thinker Michelle Price and Rachel Flower, co-founder of Senssoma. Listen as they tell you how you need to evolve to become a successful woman entrepreneur in the 21st century.

Michelle Price is CEO of A Third Mind Digital Media. For 10+ years, she's been on the leading edge of using emerging technology, content and online social networks to discover conversations and influencers to help accelerate her clients success.

She says most women experts & entrepreneurs with books simply do not know how to get access to the right people (or right influencers who have access to the right people) who can and want to buy from them.

A Third Mind's key strategy is deciding what “Conversation” you want to Lead (own) online.

Then, and only then can you assess your existing online web presence and marketing platform through the lens of an internet empowered information consumer and online influencer.

Rachel Flower is the creator of Senssoma - a unique and powerful development process that gives individuals, partners and corporate teams the essential tools to live their passion and potential. Many refer to it as a business accelerator'.

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