Christiana Briddell, The Influencer Project

  Christiana Briddell is a co-founder and partner of ThoughtLead. ThoughtLead’s mission is to spread important ideas that positively impact our world through online marketing. Christiana & I will be focusing our conversation around ThoughtLead’s first-ever Influencer Project virtual conference – bringing 60 Ideas – 60 leading Web, social media, and new media minds together […]

Sandy Carter: Online Thought Leader

Sandy Carter, VP Social Business, IBM is back to share her new book Get Bold. She’s again leading the edge with Social Business – the next frontier.. Using SOCIAL MEDIA to Create a NEW Type of Business…a Social Business. Excerpt: “Creating a Bold Social Business AGENDA Using social media is a requirement in today’s business climate, so as a social […]

W.H.Y. and F.O.C.U.S

What’s your W.H.Y and your F.O.C.U.S? There are two acronyms that a you as an entrepreneur should know and they are W.H.Y. and F.O.C.US. These 2 concepts are very important. W.H.Y. stands for Will Help You… Do WHAT? When times get hard or you get stuck what will keep the end goal in front of […]

Evolving Women Entrepreneurs

Have you been stuck in rut in your business? Have you already spent too much time, money and energy pursusing the wrong things? Have you written a book about one topic but your strengths are in another? Or have you just become beaten and broken down by life? Hear this completely organic conversation with leading […]