Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman is a leadership and business/career development expert and author of Link Out: How to Turn Your Network into a Chain of Lasting Connections (John Wiley, Jan. 2013). As Chief Connections Officer of Cojourneo, creator and co-founder of Women’s Leadership Exchange and founder of her own integrated marketing agency, Grossman has been helping professionals, executives and business […]

Joanna Andros

Joanna Andros is a passionate teacher, therapist, and life and emotional healing coach, who brings her vast knowledge and experience to assist others in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in every aspect of life. Joanna has developed a proven therapy process called Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy to uncover and eliminate the negative subconscious beliefs that […]

Tanya Chernova

Tanya Chernova is an accomplished, inspiring and passionate professional speaker and coach who has presented before audiences in over 30 countries. Business savvy, analytical and street smart, she understands how to help people be their best and what it takes to make business work. Her engaging and insightful breakthrough presentations are in the area of […]